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Kids Jiu Jitsu near Southgate

5 Star Testimonials

Kids Jiu Jitsu near Southgate

"The Kids On The Team Were Really Inclusive"


I signed up my 11 year old daughter ,10 year old son and my 8 year old son and they love it. We tried the 30 day free trail and I was amazed by all they do and we went for it and signed up the coaches are amazing and the kids have fun and they love it!! It not only teaches them to be able to defend them self's it teaches them discipline respect not only for them self but for others and that fighting isn't always the solution . I love it and the kids love it . One of the things I love is that the kids workout and that's something I was looking for so my kids can be more active. I also love that its a very welcoming place its like a big family another place that feels like home for my kids if it were for them will be there all day 7 days a week !!

Lorena Garcia

I signed my 16 year old son up for this free 30 day trial. I didn’t believe it would be free but it actually is and it wasn’t a once a week only class, they asked for him to come 3 days. The instructors are wonderful. They interact and actually do what they’re teaching, explaining it and showing it as much as needed for the class. They seem to focus a lot on proper technique which is wonderful. There is a feeling of family in this place between all the ages of people, male or female a real sense of respect between everyone.

Dawn Sutherland

It's been almost 2 months to the day since my son and I walked through the doors at metro. I am so glad we did. School is full of great people it has done wonders for my 9 year. He is learning a ton, and really developing allot of physical and mental toughness. I have also really enjoyed getting on the mats to learn jiu jitsu, the adult class is a very welcoming environment. This past week I was fortunate enough to compete with the team at the Michigan open, seeing all of the members of the team and their friends and families out there supporting each other was something else. Metro is a great place if your thinking about it, check it.

Jimmy Siwula

My grand kids 8 and 6 years old train here. Since they began training they have gained confidence, self discipline and their bodies are becoming stronger and more defined. I love watching them while they are in class. My grandson started kindergarten and he was being bullied. Coach David suggested that he begin classes. I am glad my daughter followed such amazing advice. The facility is very clean, the coaches are awesome and the owners are very personable and helpful. My littles love going and I watch them on the trampoline practicing and perfecting the moves and holds. What a wonderful feeling knowing that they will be able to take care of themselves. Great job to all of the staff.

Debra Fox

My son started training here a few months ago. It's a nice facility with great coaching. They really go out of their way to make new students and their families feel welcome. I would highly recommend it.

Aaron Willman

This place is so awesome. The coaches and staff are so friendly. They gave my son a free 30 day trial which was nice cause I was unsure at first if he was going to like it. We have been members for a few months now and my son asks to go everyday! We love the community here at metro.

Marie Camp

Great Team and Great Facility. Highly Recommend this place if you want Results

Juan Ramos

You can tell that the instructors are truly invested in what they do and have a real commitment to making the gym great!

Abby Jory Malone

Five star instructors and an even better atmosphere! What a great program!

Dylan Dearborn

The best gym in the area! Family environment and very welcoming💪🏽

Mohammad Ihmoud

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